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Activities in and Around Florence
Villa Mangiacane's idyllic location in the heart of the Tuscan countryside and just 12 km south of Florence, promises a trip to the private villa will keep you entertained. Rich in history, culture, fashion, and events, Mangiacane and the surrounding areas are home to some of the most renowned art exhibitions, fashion events and stores, cultural traditions, and activities found only in this unique region of Italy. Our staff will gladly assist in setting up activities, day trips to neighboring cities, and transportation for you and your loved ones, guaranteeing an experience of a lifetime.

Half Day Chianti Tour

Guests will depart from the hotel in the afternoon at 14:00pm
and will return at 19:00pm

Begin your adventure through the Chianti countryside with a wine tasting at the famous
winery “I Selvatici” famous for its “Chianti Titolato” and its “Vin Santo”

The next tasting will be held at another famous winery called “CASTELLO DI ALBOLA” here guests can enjoy a tour to the old cellar. Should guests specifically like to visit another winery this can be arranged our suggestion would be the architectural jewel from the 11th century, CASTELLO DI TORNANO” which presents a Chianti Classico
of exceptional quality.

Full Day Wine Tour


Guests will depart from the hotel at 09.00am and return at

The tour will visit the famous Redi cellar and wine tasting of "vino nobile di Montepulciano" After your tasting you will visit of the ancient town of Montepulciano .

After a walk around of theis historical town guests may enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant of the Banfi’s Castle or  visit the medieval town of Montalcino and enjoy lunch in one of the local trattorias here.
The final stop of the tour will allow guests to partake in a tasting of the famous wines of the Castello Banfi winery.

Half Day Chianti Classico Wine tour

Guests will depart from the hotel at 14.00

Guest can enjoy a visit to the “PoggioantinorA” winery. This family
winery is dated 1234 and it is grew in the years with the family
Brandani. The family Brandani moved here in the XIII century like
tenant of the friars; in the 1836 the family bought the Antinora lands.  Francesco Brandani represents the 31th generation of this Family. The main production is about the Chianti Classico Wines. “PoggioantinorA” proposes two different lines of products: The Traditional line which includes all the wines made in the old family way with a percentage of white grapes. And the INNOVATION LINE which follows the new demands of the market, suggesting wine made only using red grapes. Here you can also experience something very special: a guided tour to the Museum of the country culture relies to the world of the oil and the wine like the macina, the frantoio, and many ancient instruments and objects used during the ancient times such as tools used in the fields, harvests and hunts.

The last stop of the tour will be a visit to I SELVATICI a family run winery, where the Sala family will give you firsthand experience of the daily functions of a family run winery.  Fausto and his son Giuseppe will spend their time with you enjoying their wine and their incredible VINSANTO, unique in the world for “Wine Spectator Magazine” in the magical atmosphere of their house.

Full Day Tour To Venice

Guests will depart from the hotel at 07:30am and return
at 20:00pm

Arrive in the beautiful Venice and be sure not to miss the following sites the bustling Rialto Market and stand on the Rialto Bridge. Visit the beautiful palace of Ca’ d’Oro. This can best be seen from one of the Grand Canal water buses or from a Gondola.

Also visit the Piazza San Marco with the Basilica di San Marco, here you will see Pala d'Oro e Tesoro with its fantastic architecture. It is a marvelous Basilica and reeks of history. Recently much of it has been restored following bad flooding. Also don’t miss the Ponte dei Sospiri.
It is a fully covered bridge. Guests may stroll around visiting these sites with your guide and feel free to stop for lunch at any time during your tour.

Full Day Tour To Tuscany


Guests will depart from the hotel at 8:00am and return at 19:00pm

The area known as the Maremma begins south of Livorno and forms a coastal plain running to the very southern end of Tuscany. Famous for cowboys (the butteri), Etruscans and naturally heated springs, this is a different and relatively undiscovered part of Tuscany. With several large nature reserves, well-kept hill towns and countless Roman and Etruscan ruins this is a must for anyone wishing to see the undiscovered Tuscany.

The tour will also stop at Talamone. This is a small town, dominated
by the massive Sienese fortress which stands on the promontory in
front of the sea and is surrounded by beautiful old walls.
Another stop during your tour will take you to Porto Santo Stefano. This town is built on terraced ground and is dominated by an impressive fortress, and the famous porto ercole, where Hercules is believed to be the founder.

The last stop of the tour is the island of Torbetello This small city is located in the middle of the lagoon, between the Tombolo di Giannella and the Tombolo di Feniglia. Its most noteworthy monuments are the Ximenes Fortress and the gothic Cathedral that was built on the ruins of a heathen temple.

Full Day Tour To Siena And San Gimignano

Siena, built on three hills and surrounded by well preserved walls, is
cobblestonefilled with fine examples of Gothic architecture and has one of the world's most unique PIAZZAS - The Piazza del Campo.  This small cobblestone street town is the perfect destination to experience culture.  The streets are filled with souvenir shops, bakeries, cafes.  Siena is probably most famous for its Palio di Siena, barebacked horse races that have been a special event here since the l4th century and attracts crowds from all over the world.

Next stop on the tour is to another historic town called San Gimignano , situated just south of Fiorence.  A small hilltop town dominating the valley of the river Elsa, San Gimignano is crowned by a cluster of tall medieval towers. Often referred to as the “Manhattan of Tuscany,” this quaint village is the perfect to place visit early morning or evening for a bite to eat or to explore the local shops and attractions

Full Day Tour To San Galgano

Guests will depart from the hotel at 14.00pm and return at 19.00pm.

Like Excalibur and King Arthur in Camelot there is a mysterious place
in Tuscany where you can see a sword in a stone. It is the legend of
San Galgano and his sword in the stone.

This mysterious place is near one of the most important Abbey’s  in the history of Tuscany, after years of being evacuated, now this wonderful church which is a true masterpiece of the Gothic Cistercian style, has the sky as a roof and green grass as it’s  floor.

Full Day Tour To Portofino

Guests will depart at 9:00am and will return at 19:00pm

Enjoy this beautiful seaside port with cobbled streets and colourful
cafes, surrounded by the greenery of the promontory, this is a typical ligurian fishing village, with its high, colourful houses huddled in a semicircle around the piazzetta. Now one of the world's most famous
and exclusive resorts, this town is a favourite amongst international celebrities, yet still retains an atmosphere of bygone days, rich with traditions of the sea and local craftsmen. A visit to brown castle and a walk up to St. George's church and on to the lighthouse should not be missed. Trails leading up the mountain and down to San Fruttuoso offer an unforgettable opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of this idyllic spot

Full Day Tour To Pisa and Lucca

Guests will depart from the hotel at 08.30am and return at

Pisa, located on the river Arno, a few kilometres inland, is famous for
its "Piazza dei Miracoli", with the Cathedral, Leaning Tower, Baptistery and  the Camposanto; a monumental complex and one of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture and sculpture. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. It’s splendid buildings with their rational and spacious layout rise proudly from the grass lawns, surrounded by the Camposanto and the crenellated walls.

The tour continues to Lucca where guests may enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch in one of the many Piazzas within this beautiful, historic city. The suggestive city walls of this ancient city, admirable not only for its architectural masterpieces - the Cathedral, the Church of San Frediano but also for its roads, buildings and squares as "Piazza del Mercato", which has kept the  original oval shape of the ancient Roman amphitheatre, this is the perfect city to walk around and get lost in its beauty.

Full Day Tour To Assisi and Cortona

Guests will depart from the hotel at 9:00am and 19:00pm

Visit Assisi, the famous town of St Francis where there are many beautiful churches: The Basilica of San Francesco is the great monument to the Saint and was started after he was canonized in 1228 inside it holds frescoes by Giotto, Cimabue and Lorenzetti.

Three more churches merit your attention: The Cattedrale di San Ruffino and The Basilica di Santa Chiara. The third church is the Basilica degli Angeli, built over and around the little chapel, the Porziuncola,
where the angels visited St Francis. Besides its many churches, Assisi also has some fine secular buildings, Piazza del Comune with a torre, Palazzo del Comune and a Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo.Next
guests will visit Cortona one of the oldest cities in Tuscany founded by the Etruscans whose work can still be seen in the foundations of the town's massive stone walls.The city was a major seat of power during the medieval period, able to hold its own against larger towns like Siena and Arezzo. Its decline was followed the defeat by Naples in 1409 after which it was sold to Florence and lost its autonomy.

Cortona’s narrow streets and alleyways give you the impression of how it must have been in these small isolated towns in the medieval period, and one realizes  how much history a little town can contain. Cortona has been made famous by the book Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes.

Day Tour To The Cinque Terre and Golfo Dei Poeti

Guests will depart from the hotel at 8:30am and return at 20:00pm.

Situated on the cliffs of the meditteranean coastline a vist to these ancient fishing villages is a must.

Guests will visit two of the five towns, Riomaggiore and Manarola, where cliffs covered in Vineyards meet the beautidul azure sea. With their Genovese style churches this is an all encompassing experience not
to be missed.  From Riomaggiore to Manarola take a walk along the renowned Via dell’Amore (lover’s pathway) cut out of the coastal rock
the views and landscape will take your breath away.

Next stop on the tour is a visit to a beautiful village situated in the Golfi dei Poeti a 12th Century fishing village called Porto Venere. The grotto here is where Lord Byron wrote many poems and unbelievably swam across the bay to the naval town of La Spezia.

Full Day Ceramic Shoping Tour in Deruta and Cortonia

Guests will depart from the hotel at 9am and return at 6:30pm

Deruta is a picturesque hill town in the Province of Perugia in the
Umbria region of Italy. Long known as a center of refined majolica manufacture, Deruta is still known for its ceramics, which are exported worldwide. The local clay was excellent for ceramics,
whose production began in the Early Middle Ages, but found its artistic peak in the 15th and early 16th century. With it’s highly characteristic local styles, such as the "Bella Donna" plates with conventional
portraits of beauties whose names appear on fluttering banderoles with flattering inscriptions. In the 16th century Deruta produced the so-called "Rafaellesque' ware, decorated with fine arabesques and grottesche on
a fine white ground. Deruta produced some of the finest Italian majolica.

Cortona is one of the oldest cities in Tuscany and was founded by the Etruscans whose work can still be seen in the foundations of the town's massive stone walls. The city was a major seat of power during the medieval period, able to hold its own against larger towns like Siena and Arezzo; Cortona's narrow streets and alleyways give you the impression of how it must have been in these small isolated towns in the medieval period, and you'll realize how much history a little town can contain. Cortona has been made famous by the book Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

Fashion and Wine Tour

Guests will depart from the hotel at 9:30am and return at 6:00pm

Villa Mangiacane Invites guests to enjoy a day of Fashion and wine! Guests will depart from the hotel at 9.30am and arrive at the Prada Outlet 40 minutes later. Enjoy the beautiful items on offer by simply browsing or spending. Lunch can be organized in a typical Tuscan restaurant at midday, following which guests will have the opportunity to visit the famous wine Estate of the Ferragamo family, “Il Borro.” After “Il Borro” the tour moves onto a tasting of the famous wines of the “I Selvatici” winery , well know for the “Supertuscan” and its “Vin Santo” wines. Once your tasting here is complete your driver will take you
back to the hotel at 18:00pm to freshen up before the aperitif on our beautiful Loggia

Outlet Stores

As Florence is known for its fashion, what would a trip be without a bit
oh shopping! Take a ride with a private chauffeur to the lavish outlet stores just outside the city centre. Find the season's fashion and highly coveted brands at the most unbelievable discounted prices.

Shopping in Florence

Florence is ideal for shopping with streets filled with charming
boutiques, Italian antiques and exquisite jewelry stores. A personally guided
shopping trip to Florence will ensure you experience the best shopping
the city has to offer. Don't miss the famous Via Tornabuoni comparable
to New York's Fifth Avenue.

Fresco Painting Lessons in the Beautiful Gardens of Villa Mangiacane

“Of all the forms of painting carried out by the artists, wall painting is the most skilled and beautiful as it consists of accomplishing in one day only, that which can be touched up on many days in the other forms”.
This was how Giorgio Vasari explained the technique of fresco painting, known and carried out since ancient times. Palazzo Vecchio houses a great number of “in fresco” paintings carried out by Giorgio Vasari himself, and by other famous artists. Besides illustrating and explaining the techniques of fresco painting, this workshop also allows the participants to gain firsthand experience by painting a small fresco themselves, experimenting the various phases of the work on a natural terracotta base: from the spreading of the plaster to the creation of the cartoon, from the preparation of the colours to the actual painting all carried out within the beautiful gardens overlooking the vineyards and olive groves.

Full Day Tour To the Ferrari Museum

Guests will depart from the hotel at 9:00am and return at 6:00pm

Guests will depart from the hotel at 09.00am and visit the world renowned Ferrari Museum at the galleria Ferrari. Enjoy this fun and educational tour and let the worl of fast cars take your imagination for a spin.  After you have seen all you can enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the street side trattorias whilst resting your feet. In the afternoon guests will enjoy learning about the origins of the famous Balsamic Vinegar. In a XIX century court the Leonardi family founded a Vinegar Factory (“Acetaia”) and created the Leonardi balsamic vinegar which is solely extracted from must, cooked on direct fire.

In this hundred year old factory, in order to obtain an excellent product all the rules that the tradition requires and all the secrets that have been handed down from four generations are observed. Enjoy a visit to the laboratory, the cellars and partake in a delicious tastings of 5 different aged balsamic vinegars, some from 10 years old to 50 years old. The Leonardi family produces one of the best balsamic vinegars in the world, in fact is the official furnisher of the English Royal Family.

Art Exhibitions

Florence is internationally celebrated for its art. From the distinguished Ufizzi Museum filled with Renaissance masterpieces to the eminent Accademia Gallery where Michelangelo's Statue of David sits, the city
is a display in itself. With new exhibitions weekly, Florence is the ideal destination to witness some of the world's most historical pieces.


From dance performances to music festivals, there is never a lack of entertainment within a ten mile radius of Mangiacane. Don't miss the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the oldest music festival in Italy. Only war has interrupted the annual event, where the arts take over the city for
two months of ballet, concerts, opera and exhibitions.

Yoga in Chianti

Villa Mangiacane invites guests to reenergize and retreat by engaging
in the ancient healing practice of Yoga.This combination of Yoga & Tuscany will reap many positive results for you, regardless of your specific spiritual beliefs or orientation. Under our experienced Yogi’s guidance, you will have the opportunity to explore and learn at your
own pace. The practice will be joyful amidst the splendor of the Tuscan countryside and the majestic Villa Mangiacane estate. Weather-permitting, the classes will be conducted outdoors.

Chianti by Bicycle

What better way to adventure the Tuscan hills and the Chianti countryside than on bicycle? You will discover villas and castles, farmhouses and villages. We offer bike rental at a simple request.

Hiking in Tuscany

For lovers of nature and outdoors, spend a beautiful afternoon hiking
the hills of Tuscany. This is the perfect way to experience Tuscany -
an idyllic terrain of vineyards and lush woods, sprinkled with quaint farmhouses and quiet, noble villas.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Soar amongst the clouds during a hot air balloon safari over Tuscany.
You will experience the golden sunrise over the Tuscan landscape. On landing, you will enjoy a continental, champagne breakfast before
heading back to the Villa.