About the Chef

Villa Mangiacane’s private Chef has a passion for food, flavor and creativity, designing regional specialties with an international twist.

Meals can range from a simple three courses to a complex tasting menu of seven. Our Chef mixes the freshest local ingredients to present meals that will surely satisfy. He capitalizes on Tuscan ingredients such as traditional Bistecca alla Fiorentina, T-bone steaks from possibly the best butcher in Tuscany, to a more simple handcrafted spaghettoni with tomatoes and basil plucked from the garden.

If your inclination is for fish, he could prepare Sicilian king prawns in honey crust on lentils and ginger sauce, accompanied by a fennel carpaccio.

And, if you are curious to learn more, join him in a private cooking class where he will lead you through the steps to create your own Tuscan feast. From simple to sophisticated, our Chef has the ability to deliver an extraordinary meal in a spectacular setting.


Francesco Lagi

Villa Mangiacane's Head Chef started his career 28 years ago in a school for hotel and catering staff in Florence. His passion for cooking started when he was very young. His grandmother used to cook a lot every day therefore it was easy for him to learn how to make pasta and how to prepare many of the most famous Tuscan and Italian recipes. Cooking in Italy is a tradition, in fact every Sunday morning families make pasta.

Later on he worked in two Michelin starred restaurants, “Enoteca Pinchiorri” with 3 Michelin stars in Florence and in San Domenico with 2 Michelin stars in Imola. He has also been the personal Chef for our Italian President for 3 years and Executive Chef in many of the best hotels in Florence. He has subsequently worked in Switzerland, England, Norway, USA, South Africa, and he has taught in many colleges, restaurants and hotels.

Finally, he has been working as Executive Chef for the prestigious "Villa Mangiacane for the last 4 years, during which he has had the privilege to prepare meals for very important people from Italy, international actors as George Clooney and Orlando Bloom or celebrities as Bocelli, Holyfield and the Royal Family of Monaco.

Cookery Classes

Master the art of Italian gastronomy